A Cup of Inspiration!

What is inside your cup? Or maybe it’s better to ask…what fills you up?…What resides INSIDE of you? I ask this, because what’s inside each of us, is what we pour out to others! I WANT to pour out love, light and inspiration! On days that I find that difficult to do, I hope someoneContinue reading “A Cup of Inspiration!”

Time to Unplug…!

I’m taking a few days to put down the phone and turn off the computer…some time to ‘unplug’ from social media and ‘plug-in’ to life, relationship and soul~shine! It’s time to rebalance! Life gets so busy and full of distractions from many things that need our attention. I wonder how many times in a weekContinue reading “Time to Unplug…!”

What Season are You In?

Spring has arrived and I love this time of year, even though my seasonal allergies are begging to differ! I love the sunshine that spring and summer bring; and yet sometimes, we are given more rain than sun! Being forced to wait for some of our favorite things, due to circumstances beyond our control, canContinue reading “What Season are You In?”

What Doors are You Opening?

Steve and I recently replaced the front and back doors to our house! The back was a ‘no-brainer’. It was no longer functional and the frame had to be replaced as well. The front door ‘looked ok’, one might have even guessed it just needed a fresh coat of stain. Upon further inspection, it wasContinue reading “What Doors are You Opening?”