There was a Time I Couldn’t Pray…

In 2006, we got my late husband’s cancer diagnosis. Such. Hard. News. I grew up with a strong faith system! A strong belief in God and the power of prayer. I have spent the majority of my life taking time to lift people and situations up to God! When I first got the news thatContinue reading “There was a Time I Couldn’t Pray…”

A Fresh Start…

I just received my new calendar!! Maybe it’s just me, but I’m always excited to start fresh! I get my new calendar each year about this time, as dates and commitments start flowing into the next year!! Of course, it begins in an orderly fashion, with the neatest handwriting and pretty stickers! I find myselfContinue reading “A Fresh Start…”

Splashes of Joy…One More!

I’ve procrastinated in posting this Splash of Joy from my experiences this summer at our Home AWAVE from Home! Why? Well, because it requires me to take a leap of faith! I spent a lot of time taking walks by myself and meditating on What IS in Store for me! While I don’t need toContinue reading “Splashes of Joy…One More!”

Remembering my Mom….

My mother taught me about the power of inspiration and courage, and she did it with a strength and a passion that I wish could be bottled Carly Fiorina Remembering the kindest, most determined woman that I was blessed to call Mom…. She passed away 21 years ago today. I was at the VC FairContinue reading “Remembering my Mom….”

What is Pink…Tuesday?

When you think of pink, what comes to mind? The color? A feeling? The same could be asked about every color, but today I’m talking ‘pink’! It’s happens to be one of my personal favorite colors! Years ago, at McArthur SuperValu, the idea was brought to me, by a couple of super employees (thanks AmyContinue reading “What is Pink…Tuesday?”

Splashes of Joy, Part III

It was our last night on the island. We got into our cars to drove to the point for sunset!! As we got to the furthest point in our walk, there it was! The real reason I was brought to that place and time…a group of four people, we had never met before, entering theContinue reading “Splashes of Joy, Part III”

Splashes of Joy, Part II

Today’s Spash of Joy comes directly from the excitement of a child, my grandson! Every adventure requires a compass, curiosity, a journey, a creative mind and someone willing to play. Shannon L. Alder I was chill~axing on the beach, watching my grandchildren play in the water, when the oldest of the three (eight years old)Continue reading “Splashes of Joy, Part II”

Splashes of Joy…Part I

My next few blog posts are going to be joyful moments from the three weeks I was able to spend at my Home AWAVE from Home! I hope you enjoy them…may they remind us all that the most precious moments arrive in splashes of joy! I had an opportunity to follow along while Steve andContinue reading “Splashes of Joy…Part I”

Take it slow….

After my mom passed away, I found a small turtle pin next to where she would sit on the couch! It was small and nothing flashy, but when I saw it, I knew it was a message, from Mom, saying it’s ok to ‘take it slow!’ Sometimes when we are in a stage of hardshipContinue reading “Take it slow….”

Don’t Miss It….

I am enjoying some extended time, with family, at our Home AWAVE from Home! It’s a wonderful, relaxing time! My time at the beach always fills my spirit and I’m somehow able to listen more closely to the ‘God whispers!’ This picture is truly Ahhh~mazing!! The night before it was taken, my husband wanted toContinue reading “Don’t Miss It….”