Splashes of Joy, Part III

It was our last night on the island. We got into our cars to drove to the point for sunset!!

What’s in Store: Splashes of Joy Photo credit to Stephen Petros

As we got to the furthest point in our walk, there it was! The real reason I was brought to that place and time…a group of four people, we had never met before, entering the water for a man (near my age) to be baptized. Another person dedicating their lives to Christ! We stood, as did others, and watched in silence….clapping for him as he emerged from the water.

As we started to walk away, I felt a God whisper to walk over to these people and sing a message. I had a momentary discussion with God about why that was a bad idea…and I was urged to do it anyway! So I did! It wasn’t my best version of the song, as my nerves kicked in, but it was a blessed song and surely, the presence of the Lord was in that place!

It was received with open arms, hearts, hugs, tears and was a blessing to us all!

God speaks in the silence of the heart.

Mother Theresa

I could have simply kept walking! God would still love me (even though he would be saying , ‘Listen, Child’) Those people would still have been touched by God’s love and I had already been blessed just by being present! BUT….we would have missed out on a something special that was meant for each of us…we might have missed the biggest Splash of Joy!

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