A Story Worth Telling!

My Daddy was a Preacher/Minister/Elder for our church, as well as working many years for the water department, in the city we lived! There are so many things I never knew about the first man I loved…he died just before my sixteenth birthday. Oh, how I wish he would’ve lived long enough to meet his grandchildren and to have the opportunity to retire from working every day! More than anything, I wish I could’ve heard more of his story!

What’s In Store…my Dad!

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of my father! I think he looks so relaxed…simply watching the traffic drive by our home!

When I think of all the stories I never got to hear him tell, I am filled with gratitude for the ones I did!

What’s in Store…A few of Dad’s sermons!

I am so thankful to have a few of the sermons that my dad wrote and spoke. Simply seeing his handwriting makes me smile and the sermons remind me of his faith…something that he instilled in me!

I was named after one of my great aunts…Mary Jane, of course!

What’s in Store…one of my first Bibles!
Gifted to me by my Aunt Mary Jane!

These two pictures are of the Bible my Aunt Mary Jane gifted to me…I’m grateful for her handwritten note. She passed away shortly after giving this Bible to me! It’s being held together by duct tape after all these years!

Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.

Robin Moore, Author

These are just two examples of why I am fast forwarding to this past Christmas. My daughter, Emily, and her family gave me a gift from Story Worth; I had never heard of it! Each week I am emailed a question, usually selected by Emily, but I do have an opportunity to choose my own. I type my response to the question and it is emailed to each of my three daughters. One example of a question might be, “What was your favorite toy as a child?” At the end of the year, my responses will be printed into a hard bound book for my family!

I love this idea for so many reasons. I love it because some questions will be answered for my family that they may never have thought to ask. I love it because even though they may not resonate now, one day they will be so grateful to have words I wrote. I love it enough to share it with you! If you have family members that you want to hear their stories, it’s an amazing gift. If you want to gift it to yourself, you can surprise children, grandchildren, etc., with the gift of your story! I’m attaching my referral link for you, in case you’re interested!


We all have a story worth telling! No matter how you decide to share your’s…it is important to share it! Write it in a notebook, type it on the computer, video record it…but share it for all those you love!

4 thoughts on “A Story Worth Telling!

  1. For some reason, I am unable to comment….but I love the idea of answering the questions and putting them in a book. I was lucky enough to know my mom and dad for a very long time but still have an occasional question I would’ve loved to have asked. The book idea is a great idea for all to do.




  2. What a wonderful gift to leave your children and grandchildren! I have a letter or two my mom wrote me and I treasure it. Would love to leave some of my stories for my family, but where to start!?!
    In your Dad’s sermons above, was that his handwriting in the one on the left? I ask because it looks very much like Mom’s handwriting, When I first saw it, I thought it was hers!


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