Are you staying ‘warm’ on the ‘inside’?

There is no denying the cold temperatures much of the country has been facing! Here in Ohio….brrrrrrr! We’ve also had plenty of snow (in my opinion) to go along with the cold!

Maybe you’ve gone sledding or even made a snow angel!

What do you do when you want to warm up?

Build a fire?

What if you need to feel warmth on the inside?

Drink something warm?

These things all help keep our bodies warm! You could even say that they return some of us to a childlike state of joy! The fun and laughter we find from playing in the snow warms our hearts!

If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.

Lucy Larcom

The cold doesn’t always come from the temperatures or the weather outside. It comes from allowing life’s circumstances to harden our hearts. What do you do to kindle the fires of warmth in your heart? Sometimes, I read devotions or sing songs that inspire me to be more loving! Sometimes…. it’s the very act of offering kindness to another that rekindles my own inner fire!

We used to sing a song a church camp…’It only takes a spark….’ Maybe you’ve heard it?! If there is the tiniest spark of light and love you can share with someone that has lost sight of the warmth in the world, share yours so they can ‘warm up to it’s glowing’…and the next person…and the next… Isn’t it worth the effort?

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